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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="windows-1250"?>

<resource CompactMode="1" Language="Croatian" LANGID="1050">

<string id="100" value="OLE initialization failed. Make sure that the OLE libraries are the correct version."/>

<string id="101" value="&About Console..."/>

<string id="102" value="&Close"/>

<string id="103" value="&Help"/>

<string id="104" value="Windows sockets initialization failed."/>

<string id="1000" value="Configuration Explorer"/>

<string id="1001" value="Cannot sign in right now. Please contact your administrator."/>

<string id="1002" value="Default Domain"/>

<string id="1003" value="Connected"/>

<string id="1004" value="Disconnected"/>

<string id="1005" value="User Name"/>

<string id="1006" value="Full Name"/>

<string id="1007" value="Type"/>

<string id="1008" value="Status"/>

<string id="1009" value="Status"/>

<string id="1010" value="Ready"/>

<string id="1011" value="User"/>

<string id="1012" value="Administrator"/>

<string id="1013" value="Invalid User"/>

<string id="1014" value="Yes"/>

<string id="1015" value="No"/>

<string id="1016" value="Enabled"/>

<string id="1017" value="Disabled"/>

<string id="1018" value="Description"/>

<string id="1019" value="With User Accounts, you can create a new user, edit user information and delete a user."/>

<string id="1020" value="Do you want to delete %s's account?"/>

<string id="1021" value="Failed to delete the user account."/>

<string id="1022" value="Add a New User"/>

<string id="1023" value="Edit User Information"/>

<string id="1024" value="Cannot add the user. Please check the information and try again."/>

<string id="1025" value="Cannot update the user information. Please check the information and try again."/>

<string id="1026" value="Computer Name"/>

<string id="1027" value="Address"/>

<string id="1028" value="Status"/>

<string id="1029" value="Type"/>

<string id="1030" value="Do you want to delete the computer?"/>

<string id="1031" value="Failed to delete the computer."/>

<string id="1032" value="With Computer, you can edit computer information and set firewal to protect your computer."/>

<string id="1033" value="Cannot connect to server."/>

<string id="1034" value="Do you want to delete the service from the service list?"/>

<string id="1035" value="Do you want to delete the user for the computer?"/>

<string id="1036" value="With Settings, you can configure server's information."/>

<string id="1037" value="Add a New Service"/>

<string id="1038" value="Edit Service Information"/>

<string id="1039" value="Add a New Port"/>

<string id="1040" value="Edit Port"/>

<string id="1041" value="Permanent"/>

<string id="1042" value="Temporary"/>

<string id="1043" value="Default User"/>

<string id="1044" value="Online"/>

<string id="1045" value="Offline"/>

<string id="1046" value="Do you want to restart the server on this computer now? The changes will not take effect until the server service restarts. After it restarts, you may want to sign in again."/>

<string id="1047" value="Cannot change domain name. Please check the infromation and try again."/>

<string id="1048" value="The domain name has been registered."/>

<string id="1049" value="Cannot change domain password. Please check the information and try again."/>

<string id="1050" value="Cannot change server port. Please check the information and try again."/>

<string id="1051" value="Cannot change update type. Please check the information and try again."/>

<string id="1052" value="Cannot create domain. Please check the information and try again."/>

<string id="1053" value="Cannot find the domain. Please check the information and try again."/>

<string id="1054" value="Do you want to change the server listen port? If so, the service will be restart automatically and you may want to log in again."/>

<string id="1055" value="The software expired. Please upgrade to the latest version."/>

<string id="1056" value="The application vesion is not compatible with the server."/>

<string id="1057" value="The client version is %s \nThe server version is %s"/>

<string id="1058" value="Username and password do not match."/>

<string id="1059" value="Insufficient permission."/>

<string id="1060" value="The domain name entered is not properly formatted. Standard names may contain letters(a-z, A-Z), numbers(0-9), and hyphens(-), but no spaces or periods(.). The name may not consist entirely of digits."/>

<string id="1061" value="The specified account name is not valid, because account names cannot contain the following characters: /]":;|<>+=,?* \n Please type a different name."/>

<string id="1062" value="With Connections, you can specify a method used when creating connection between clients."/>

<string id="1063" value="The changes will not take effect until the client service restart. Do you want to restart the client service now?"/>

<string id="1064" value="Does not support the current Windows version. Requires WindowXp or later."/>

<string id="1065" value="Connection..."/>

<string id="1066" value="Please restart your NeoRouter server manually. The changes will take effect the next time you start your server."/>

<string id="1067" value="The server has exceeded the maximum number of allowed users."/>

<string id="2100" value="Add New User"/>

<string id="2101" value="Edit User Information"/>

<string id="2102" value="Delete User"/>

<string id="2103" value="Help"/>

<string id="2104" value="Add New Computer"/>

<string id="2105" value="Edit Computer Information"/>

<string id="2106" value="Delete Computer"/>

<string id="2107" value="Please restart your NeoRouter server manually. The changes will take effect the next time you start your server."/>

<string id="2108" value="Edit Access Control List"/>

<string id="2109" value="Alias"/>

<string id="2110" value="Cannot change the computer alias. Please check the information and try again."/>

<string id="2111" value="Domain information has been refreshed successfully."/>

<string id="2112" value="Cannot change DHCP settings. Please check the information and try again."/>

<string id="2113" value="Cannot activate your product. Please check your product key and try again."/>

<string id="2114" value="NeoRouter Pro"/>

<string id="2115" value="NeoRouter Free"/>

<string id="2116" value="Your license will be expired in %d day(s)."/>

<string id="2117" value="Your license has been expired %d day(s)."/>

<string id="9122" value="\n&Add or Remove Buttons"/>

<string id="9123" value="\n&Reset Toolbar"/>

<string id="9135" value="\nPencil"/>

<string id="9136" value="\nFill Color"/>

<string id="9137" value="\nPick Color"/>

<string id="9138" value="\nLine"/>

<string id="9139" value="\nRectangle"/>

<string id="9140" value="\nEllipse"/>

<string id="9141" value="\nCopy"/>

<string id="9142" value="\nPaste"/>

<string id="9143" value="\nClear"/>

<string id="9144" value="\nUndo"/>

<string id="9145" value="\nRedo"/>

<string id="9146" value="\nImport from File"/>

<string id="9148" value="\nToolbar Options"/>

<string id="9149" value="\nClose"/>

<string id="9150" value="\nExpand"/>

<string id="9151" value="\nClose Window"/>

<string id="9152" value="\nRestore Window"/>

<string id="9153" value="\nMinimize Window"/>

<string id="9155" value="\nMove to P&revious Tab Group"/>

<string id="9156" value="\nMove to Ne&xt Tab Group"/>

<string id="9157" value="\nNew Hori&zontal Tab Group"/>

<string id="9158" value="\nNew &Vertical Tab Group"/>

<string id="9159" value="\nC&ancel"/>

<string id="9160" value="Close"/>

<string id="9161" value="Customize"/>

<string id="9162" value="New Menu"/>

<string id="9163" value="Custom %d"/>

<string id="9164" value="The toolbar name cannot be blank. Type a name."/>

<string id="9165" value="Sorry you have reached your limit."/>

<string id="9166" value="A toolbar named '%s' already exists. Type another name."/>

<string id="9167" value="Rename Toolbar"/>

<string id="9168" value="Are you sure you want to delete the '%s' toolbar?"/>

<string id="9169" value="All Commands"/>

<string id="9170" value="This will delete the record of the commands you've used in this application and restore the default set of visible commands to the menus and toolbars. It will not undo any explicit customizations. Are you sure you want to do this?"/>

<string id="9171" value="This is not a valid number."/>

<string id="9172" value="The number must be between 1 and 1638."/>

<string id="9173" value="Are you sure you want to reset the changes made to the '%s' toolbar?"/>

<string id="9174" value="Built-in Menus"/>

<string id="9175" value="Are you sure you want to reset the key assignments? This action will remove all custom key assignments at the text level."/>

<string id="9176" value="This shortcut is currently assigned.\nDo you want to re-assign this shortcut?"/>

<string id="9177" value="Due to a software update the toolbar '%s' has changed. Would you like to reset your customized toolbar and load the new one?"/>

<string id="9178" value="All Picture Files|*.bmp;*.wmf;*.emf;*.ico;*.dib;*.cur;*.gif;*.jpg|Bitmaps(*.Bmp;*.Dib)|*.bmp;*.dib|Metafiles(*.Wmf;*.Emf)|*.wmf;*.emf|Icons(*.Ico;*.Cur)|*.ico;*.cur|GIF(*.Gif)|*.gif|JPEG(*.Jpg)|*.jpg|All Files(*.*)|*.*||"/>

<string id="9179" value="(System default)"/>

<string id="9180" value="Random"/>

<string id="9181" value="Unfold"/>

<string id="9182" value="Slide"/>

<string id="9183" value="Fade"/>

<string id="9184" value="None"/>

<string id="9185" value="Active Files"/>

<string id="9320" value="New"/>

<string id="9321" value="Delete"/>

<string id="9322" value="Move Up"/>

<string id="9323" value="Move Down"/>

<string id="9325" value="Sort Ascending\nSort Ascending"/>

<string id="9326" value="Sort Descending\nSort Descending"/>

<string id="9327" value="Aligns the paragraph at the left margin\nAlign Left"/>

<string id="9328" value="Centers the paragraph between the margins\nCenter"/>

<string id="9329" value="Aligns the paragraph at the right margin\nAlign Right"/>

<string id="9330" value="Show large icons\nLarge Icons"/>

<string id="9331" value="Show small icons\nSmall Icons"/>

<string id="9332" value="Remove from Outlook Bar"/>

<string id="9333" value="Rename Shortcut"/>

<string id="9334" value="Remove Group"/>

<string id="9335" value="Rename Group"/>

<string id="9336" value="Name"/>

<string id="9337" value="Size"/>

<string id="9338" value="Type"/>

<string id="9339" value="Modified"/>

<string id="9340" value="Automatic"/>

<string id="9341" value="Customize..."/>

<string id="9342" value="Select Directory:"/>

<string id="9343" value="..."/>

<string id="9344" value="*.*"/>

<string id="9345" value="All Files (*.*)|*.*||"/>

<string id="9346" value="Directory name:"/>

<string id="9347" value="Click push pin to keep open"/>

<string id="9348" value="Did you know..."/>

<string id="9349" value="The specified file does not exist."/>

<string id="9350" value="Error reading file."/>

<string id="9351" value="Colors"/>

<string id="9352" value="New"/>

<string id="9353" value="Current"/>

<string id="9354" value="Directories:"/>

<string id="9355" value="Files:"/>

<string id="9356" value="Hex"/>

<string id="9357" value="The operating system is out of memory or resources."/>

<string id="9358" value="The specified file was not found."/>

<string id="9359" value="The specified path was not found."/>

<string id="9360" value="The operating system denied access to the specified file."/>

<string id="9361" value="There was not enough memory to complete the operation."/>

<string id="9362" value="The .exe file is invalid (non-Win32? .exe or error in .exe image)."/>

<string id="9363" value="A sharing violation occurred."/>

<string id="9364" value="The file name association is incomplete or invalid."/>

<string id="9365" value="The DDE transaction could not be completed because the request timed out."/>

<string id="9366" value="The DDE transaction failed."/>

<string id="9367" value="The DDE transaction could not be completed because other DDE transactions were being processed."/>

<string id="9368" value="There is no application associated with the given file name extension."/>

<string id="9369" value="The specified dynamic-link library was not found."/>

<string id="9370" value="An unknown error number %d occured."/>

<string id="9424" value="Standard Colors"/>

<string id="9425" value="Tip text"/>

<string id="9432" value="OK"/>

<string id="9433" value="&Yes"/>

<string id="9434" value="&No"/>

<string id="9435" value="&Retry"/>

<string id="9436" value="Cancel"/>

<string id="9437" value="&Close"/>

<string id="9438" value="Show &Details"/>

<string id="9439" value="Hide &Details"/>

<string id="9440" value="&Apply"/>

<string id="9441" value="Help"/>

<string id="9900" value="Black"/>

<string id="9901" value="Brown"/>

<string id="9902" value="Olive Green"/>

<string id="9903" value="Dark Green"/>

<string id="9904" value="Dark Teal"/>

<string id="9905" value="Dark Blue"/>

<string id="9906" value="Indigo"/>

<string id="9907" value="Gray-80%"/>

<string id="9908" value="Dark Red"/>

<string id="9909" value="Orange"/>

<string id="9910" value="Dark Yellow"/>

<string id="9911" value="Green"/>

<string id="9912" value="Teal"/>

<string id="9913" value="Blue"/>

<string id="9914" value="Blue-Gray"/>

<string id="9915" value="Gray-50%"/>

<string id="9916" value="Red"/>

<string id="9917" value="Light Orange"/>

<string id="9918" value="Lime"/>

<string id="9919" value="Sea Green"/>

<string id="9920" value="Aqua"/>

<string id="9921" value="Light Blue"/>

<string id="9922" value="Violet"/>

<string id="9923" value="Gray-40%"/>

<string id="9924" value="Pink"/>

<string id="9925" value="Gold"/>

<string id="9926" value="Yellow"/>

<string id="9927" value="Bright Green"/>

<string id="9928" value="Turquoise"/>

<string id="9929" value="Sky Blue"/>

<string id="9930" value="Plum"/>

<string id="9931" value="Gray-25%"/>

<string id="9932" value="Rose"/>

<string id="9933" value="Tan"/>

<string id="9934" value="Light Yellow"/>

<string id="9935" value="Light Green"/>

<string id="9936" value="Light Turquoise"/>

<string id="9937" value="Pale Blue"/>

<string id="9938" value="Lavender"/>

<string id="9939" value="White"/>

<string id="9940" value="Gray"/>

<string id="9941" value="Maroon"/>

<string id="9942" value="Olive"/>

<string id="9943" value="Navy"/>

<string id="9944" value="Purple"/>

<string id="9945" value="Silver"/>

<string id="9946" value="Fuchsia"/>

<string id="9947" value="No Fill\nNo Fill"/>

<string id="9948" value="Automatic Color\nAutomatic Color"/>

<string id="9949" value="More Colors..."/>

<string id="9974" value="One Page"/>

<string id="9975" value="Two Page"/>

<string id="35001" value="Customize application appearance, toolbars, and menus\n&Customize..."/>

<string id="35200" value="Arabic"/>

<string id="35201" value="Bulgarian"/>

<string id="35202" value="Chinese Simplified"/>

<string id="35203" value="Chinese Traditional"/>

<string id="35204" value="Croatian"/>

<string id="35205" value="Czech"/>

<string id="35206" value="Danish"/>

<string id="35207" value="Dutch"/>

<string id="35208" value="English"/>

<string id="35209" value="Estonian"/>

<string id="35210" value="Finnish"/>

<string id="35211" value="French"/>

<string id="35212" value="German"/>

<string id="35213" value="Greek"/>

<string id="35214" value="Hebrew"/>

<string id="35215" value="Hungarian"/>

<string id="35216" value="Italian"/>

<string id="35217" value="Japanese"/>

<string id="35218" value="Korean"/>

<string id="35219" value="Latvian"/>

<string id="35220" value="Lithuanian"/>

<string id="35221" value="Norwegian"/>

<string id="35222" value="Polish"/>

<string id="35223" value="Portuguese Brazil"/>

<string id="35224" value="Portuguese"/>

<string id="35225" value="Romanian"/>

<string id="35226" value="Russian"/>

<string id="35227" value="Slovak"/>

<string id="35228" value="Slovenian"/>

<string id="35229" value="Spanish"/>

<string id="35230" value="Swedish"/>

<string id="35231" value="Thai"/>

<string id="35232" value="Turkish"/>

<string id="35233" value="Ukrainian"/>

<string id="61440" value="Open"/>

<string id="61441" value="Save As"/>

<string id="61442" value="All Files (*.*)"/>

<string id="61443" value="Untitled"/>

<string id="61446" value="an unnamed file"/>

<string id="61457" value="&Hide"/>

<string id="61472" value="No error message is available."/>

<string id="61473" value="An unsupported operation was attempted."/>

<string id="61474" value="A required resource was unavailable."/>

<string id="61475" value="Out of memory."/>

<string id="61476" value="An unknown error has occurred."/>

<string id="61477" value="An invalid argument was encountered."/>

<string id="61696" value="Invalid filename."/>

<string id="61697" value="Failed to open document."/>

<string id="61698" value="Failed to save document."/>

<string id="61699" value="Save changes to %1?"/>

<string id="61700" value="Failed to create empty document."/>

<string id="61701" value="The file is too large to open."/>

<string id="61702" value="Could not start print job."/>

<string id="61703" value="Failed to launch help."/>

<string id="61704" value="Internal application error."/>

<string id="61705" value="Command failed."/>

<string id="61706" value="Insufficient memory to perform operation."/>

<string id="61707" value="System registry entries have been removed and the INI file (if any) was deleted."/>

<string id="61708" value="Not all of the system registry entries (or INI file) were removed."/>

<string id="61709" value="This program requires the file %s, which was not found on this system."/>

<string id="61710" value="This program is linked to the missing export %s in the file %s. This machine may have an incompatible version of %s."/>

<string id="61712" value="Please enter an integer."/>

<string id="61713" value="Please enter a number."/>

<string id="61714" value="Please enter an integer between %1 and %2."/>

<string id="61715" value="Please enter a number between %1 and %2."/>

<string id="61716" value="Please enter no more than %1 characters."/>

<string id="61717" value="Please select a button."/>

<string id="61718" value="Please enter an integer between 0 and 255."/>

<string id="61719" value="Please enter a positive integer."/>

<string id="61720" value="Please enter a date and/or time."/>

<string id="61721" value="Please enter a currency."/>

<string id="61722" value="Please enter a GUID."/>

<string id="61723" value="Please enter a time."/>

<string id="61724" value="Please enter a date."/>

<string id="61728" value="Unexpected file format."/>

<string id="61729" value="%1\nCannot find this file.\nPlease verify that the correct path and file name are given."/>

<string id="61730" value="Destination disk drive is full."/>

<string id="61731" value="Unable to read from %1, it is opened by someone else."/>

<string id="61732" value="Unable to write to %1, it is read-only or opened by someone else."/>

<string id="61733" value="An unexpected error occurred while reading %1."/>

<string id="61734" value="An unexpected error occurred while writing %1."/>

<string id="61744" value="%1: %2\nContinue running script?"/>

<string id="61745" value="Dispatch exception: %1"/>

<string id="61836" value="Unable to read write-only property."/>

<string id="61837" value="Unable to write read-only property."/>

<string id="61840" value="Unable to load mail system support."/>

<string id="61841" value="Mail system DLL is invalid."/>

<string id="61842" value="Send Mail failed to send message."/>

<string id="61856" value="No error occurred."/>

<string id="61857" value="An unknown error occurred while accessing %1."/>

<string id="61858" value="%1 was not found."/>

<string id="61859" value="%1 contains an invalid path."/>

<string id="61860" value="%1 could not be opened because there are too many open files."/>

<string id="61861" value="Access to %1 was denied."/>

<string id="61862" value="An invalid file handle was associated with %1."/>

<string id="61863" value="%1 could not be removed because it is the current directory."/>

<string id="61864" value="%1 could not be created because the directory is full."/>

<string id="61865" value="Seek failed on %1"/>

<string id="61866" value="A hardware I/O error was reported while accessing %1."/>

<string id="61867" value="A sharing violation occurred while accessing %1."/>

<string id="61868" value="A locking violation occurred while accessing %1."/>

<string id="61869" value="Disk full while accessing %1."/>

<string id="61870" value="An attempt was made to access %1 past its end."/>

<string id="61872" value="No error occurred."/>

<string id="61873" value="An unknown error occurred while accessing %1."/>

<string id="61874" value="An attempt was made to write to the reading %1."/>

<string id="61875" value="An attempt was made to access %1 past its end."/>

<string id="61876" value="An attempt was made to read from the writing %1."/>

<string id="61877" value="%1 has a bad format."/>

<string id="61878" value="%1 contained an unexpected object."/>

<string id="61879" value="%1 contains an incorrect schema."/>

<string id="61888" value="pixels"/>

<string id="62177" value="Uncheck"/>

<string id="62178" value="Check"/>

<string id="62179" value="Mixed"/>

<menu id="9121">

<menuitem caption="Customize">

<menuitem id="9123" caption="&Reset"/>

<menuitem id="9124" caption="&Delete"/>


<menuitem id="9125" caption="&Name:"/>


<menuitem id="9126" caption="&Copy Button Image"/>

<menuitem id="9127" caption="&Paste Button Image"/>

<menuitem id="9128" caption="Re&set Button Image"/>

<menuitem id="9129" caption="&Edit Button Image..."/>

<menuitem id="9130" caption="Change &Button Image"/>


<menuitem id="9131" caption="Defa&ult Style"/>

<menuitem id="9133" caption="&Text Only"/>

<menuitem id="9132" caption="Image &and Text"/>


<menuitem id="9134" caption="Begin a &Group"/>



<menu id="9316">

<menuitem caption="RClickOutlookBar">

<menuitem id="9331" caption="S&mall Icons"/>

<menuitem id="9330" caption="Lar&ge Icons"/>


<menuitem caption="RClickHexEdit">

<menuitem id="57643" caption="&Undo"/>


<menuitem id="57635" caption="Cu&t"/>

<menuitem id="57634" caption="&Copy"/>

<menuitem id="57637" caption="&Paste"/>

<menuitem id="57632" caption="&Delete"/>


<menuitem id="57642" caption="Select &All"/>


<menuitem caption="RClickHeader">

<menuitem id="9325" caption="Sort Ascending"/>

<menuitem id="9326" caption="Sort Descending"/>


<menuitem caption="Alignment">

<menuitem id="9327" caption="Align Left"/>

<menuitem id="9328" caption="Align Center"/>

<menuitem id="9329" caption="Align Right"/>




<menu id="9977">

<menuitem caption="HF">

<menuitem id="101" caption="&&d Short date format"/>

<menuitem id="102" caption="&&D Long date format"/>


<menuitem id="103" caption="&&t Time"/>

<menuitem id="104" caption="&&T Time (24 hour)"/>


<menuitem id="105" caption="&&p Page Number"/>

<menuitem id="106" caption="&&P Number of Pages"/>


<menuitem id="108" caption="&&b Left Alignment &&b Center Alignment &&b Right Alignment"/>


<menuitem id="109" caption="&&w Window Title"/>

<menuitem id="110" caption="&&&& Ampersand (&&)"/>

<menuitem id="111" caption="\\n New Line"/>



<dialog id="129" caption="General" fontface="MS Shell Dlg" style="1086849096" position="0, 0, 262, 222">

<control id="216" caption="Summary" position="6, 16, 42, 12"/>

<control id="163" caption="Client version:" position="18, 29, 92, 8"/>

<control id="165" class="EDIT" style="1342179456" position="110, 29, 152, 12"/>

<control id="157" caption="Log on to:" position="18, 57, 92, 8"/>

<control id="160" class="EDIT" style="1342179456" position="110, 57, 152, 12"/>

<control id="2101" caption="Network status" position="6, 76, 54, 12"/>

<control id="167" caption="IP Address:" position="18, 89, 92, 12"/>

<control id="169" class="EDIT" style="1342179456" position="110, 89, 152, 12"/>

<control id="171" caption="Port:" position="18, 104, 92, 12"/>

<control id="173" class="EDIT" style="1342179456" position="110, 104, 152, 12"/>

<control id="176" caption="Status:" position="18, 118, 92, 12"/>

<control id="178" class="EDIT" style="1342179456" position="110, 118, 152, 12"/>

<control id="210" caption="General" position="0, 0, 262, 15"/>

<control id="211" style="1342177296" position="41, 21, 221, 1"/>

<control id="212" style="1342177296" position="64, 80, 198, 1"/>

<control caption="Server version:" position="18, 43, 92, 12"/>

<control id="161" class="EDIT" style="1342179456" position="110, 43, 152, 12"/>

<control id="1130" caption="Computer License:" position="18, 168, 61, 8"/>

<control id="213" style="1342177296" position="73, 143, 189, 1"/>

<control id="1062" class="BUTTON" caption="Activate Product..." style="1342242816" position="170, 201, 85, 14"/>

<control id="1133" caption="Product Information" position="6, 138, 65, 8"/>

<control id="1134" caption="Edition:" position="18, 153, 92, 8"/>

<control id="1135" caption="product name" position="110, 153, 152, 8"/>

<control id="1136" caption="computer license" position="110, 168, 152, 8"/>

<control id="1137" caption="expire information" position="110, 183, 152, 8"/>


<dialog id="130" caption="Configuration Explorer" fontface="MS Shell Dlg" style="-2134376248" position="0, 0, 212, 113">

<control id="146" class="COMBOBOX" style="1344340290" position="65, 21, 130, 30"/>

<control id="155" class="EDIT" style="1350631584" position="65, 39, 130, 14"/>

<control id="160" class="COMBOBOX" style="1344340290" position="65, 59, 130, 73"/>

<control id="199" class="BUTTON" caption="Sign In" style="1342242817" position="26, 92, 50, 14"/>

<control id="209" class="BUTTON" caption="Cancel" style="1342242816" position="82, 92, 50, 14"/>

<control class="BUTTON" caption="Sign In" style="1342177287" position="6, 7, 199, 77"/>

<control id="152" caption="User name:" styleex="4096" position="8, 23, 49, 8"/>

<control id="153" caption="Password:" styleex="4096" position="8, 42, 49, 8"/>

<control id="157" caption="Log on to:" styleex="4096" position="8, 60, 49, 8"/>

<control id="1062" class="BUTTON" caption="Connection..." style="1342242816" position="137, 92, 58, 14"/>


<dialog id="131" caption="User Accounts" fontface="MS Shell Dlg" style="1086849096" position="0, 0, 310, 222">

<control id="166" class="SysListView32" style="1350633485" position="0, 30, 310, 150"/>

<control id="205" style="1342177298" styleex="32" position="0, 183, 310, 40"/>

<control id="206" caption="Title" position="4, 186, 306, 10"/>

<control id="207" caption="Body" position="4, 198, 306, 19"/>

<control id="208" caption="Toolbar" position="0, 15, 310, 15"/>

<control id="210" caption="User Accounts" position="0, 0, 310, 15"/>


<dialog id="132" caption="Computers" fontface="MS Shell Dlg" style="1086849096" position="0, 0, 310, 222">

<control id="168" class="SysListView32" style="1350633485" position="0, 30, 310, 83"/>

<control id="170" caption="Access control list:" position="0, 116, 309, 8"/>

<control id="174" class="LISTBOX" style="1352728835" position="156, 127, 154, 54"/>

<control id="208" caption="Toolbar" styleex="32" position="0, 15, 310, 15"/>

<control id="172" class="LISTBOX" style="1352728835" position="0, 127, 154, 54"/>

<control id="205" style="1342177298" styleex="32" position="0, 183, 310, 40"/>

<control id="206" caption="Title" position="4, 186, 306, 10"/>

<control id="207" caption="Body" position="4, 198, 306, 19"/>

<control id="210" caption="Computers" position="0, 0, 310, 15"/>


<dialog id="133" caption="Settings" fontface="MS Shell Dlg" style="1086849096" position="0, 0, 262, 222">

<control id="1078" class="BUTTON" caption="Setup Domain" style="1342242816" position="191, 26, 59, 14"/>

<control id="1116" class="BUTTON" caption="Refresh" style="1342242816" position="191, 43, 59, 14"/>

<control id="1062" class="BUTTON" caption="Change Port" style="1342242816" position="191, 71, 59, 14"/>

<control id="175" class="BUTTON" caption="Enable UPnP (Universal Plug and Play)" style="1342308361" position="36, 97, 140, 10"/>

<control id="177" class="BUTTON" caption="Setup port forwarding manually" style="1342177289" position="36, 109, 140, 10"/>

<control id="1079" class="BUTTON" caption="Restart" style="1342242816" position="191, 125, 59, 14"/>

<control id="1075" class="EDIT" style="1350633600" position="90, 27, 98, 14"/>

<control id="180" class="EDIT" style="1350633600" position="90, 71, 98, 13"/>

<control id="2101" caption="Server" position="5, 60, 30, 12"/>

<control id="179" caption="Listen port: " position="16, 71, 67, 12"/>

<control id="205" style="1342177298" styleex="32" position="0, 183, 262, 40"/>

<control id="206" caption="Title" position="4, 186, 306, 10"/>

<control id="207" caption="Body" position="4, 198, 306, 19"/>

<control id="210" caption="Settings" position="0, 0, 262, 15"/>

<control id="212" style="1342177296" position="36, 65, 226, 1"/>

<control id="2102" caption="Domain" position="5, 16, 29, 12"/>

<control id="211" style="1342177296" position="36, 20, 226, 1"/>

<control id="1074" caption="Current domain:" position="16, 29, 67, 8"/>

<control caption="Restart the server on this computer..." position="15, 127, 169, 8"/>

<control caption="Fresh the domain information manually..." position="16, 46, 172, 8"/>

<control id="1120" class="BUTTON" caption="NAT Setting" style="1342177287" position="27, 85, 161, 38"/>

<control id="1124" caption="DHCP" position="5, 144, 31, 8"/>

<control id="213" style="1342177296" position="36, 147, 222, 1"/>

<control caption="Subnet:" position="16, 155, 67, 8"/>

<control caption="Netmask:" position="16, 169, 67, 8"/>

<control id="1126" class="EDIT" style="1350633600" position="90, 152, 98, 12"/>

<control id="1119" class="EDIT" style="1350633600" position="90, 167, 98, 12"/>

<control id="1127" class="BUTTON" caption="Change DHCP" style="1342242816" position="191, 152, 59, 14"/>


<dialog id="135" caption="Edit Access Control List" fontface="MS Shell Dlg" style="-2134376248" position="0, 0, 275, 294">

<control id="172" class="LISTBOX" style="1352728835" position="14, 25, 247, 55"/>

<control id="185" class="BUTTON" caption="Add..." style="1342242816" position="159, 84, 50, 14"/>

<control id="186" class="BUTTON" caption="Delete" style="1342242816" position="211, 84, 50, 14"/>

<control id="187" class="BUTTON" caption="On (recommended)" style="1342308361" position="14, 122, 247, 10"/>

<control id="190" class="LISTBOX" style="1352728931" position="21, 158, 188, 55"/>

<control id="191" class="BUTTON" caption="Add..." style="1342242816" position="211, 158, 50, 14"/>

<control id="193" class="BUTTON" caption="Edit..." style="1342242816" position="211, 178, 50, 14"/>

<control id="194" class="BUTTON" caption="Delete" style="1342242816" position="211, 196, 50, 14"/>

<control id="214" class="BUTTON" caption="Off (not recommended)" style="1342177289" position="14, 227, 210, 10"/>

<control id="200" class="BUTTON" caption="Ok" style="1342242817" position="164, 273, 50, 14"/>

<control id="2" class="BUTTON" caption="Cancel" style="1342242816" position="218, 273, 50, 14"/>

<control class="BUTTON" caption="User List" style="1342177287" position="7, 3, 261, 100"/>

<control id="184" caption="Users who are allowed to access the computer:" position="14, 15, 152, 8"/>

<control id="189" caption="This setting blocks all outside sources from connecting to this computer, with the following exceptions." position="24, 137, 237, 19"/>

<control class="BUTTON" caption="Firewall" style="1342177287" position="7, 106, 261, 160"/>

<control caption="Avoid using this setting. Turning off firewall may make this computer more vulnerable." position="24, 241, 237, 18"/>


<dialog id="136" caption="Add a Port" fontface="MS Shell Dlg" style="-2134376248" position="0, 0, 234, 124">

<control id="196" class="EDIT" style="1350631552" position="65, 27, 151, 14"/>

<control id="197" class="BUTTON" caption="TCP" style="1342308361" position="65, 58, 29, 10"/>

<control id="198" class="BUTTON" caption="UDP" style="1342177289" position="141, 58, 29, 10"/>

<control id="1" class="BUTTON" caption="OK" style="1342242817" position="122, 103, 50, 14"/>

<control id="2" class="BUTTON" caption="Cancel" style="1342242816" position="177, 103, 50, 14"/>

<control caption="Port number:" position="16, 30, 43, 8"/>

<control class="BUTTON" caption="Port" style="1342177287" position="7, 7, 220, 89"/>

<control caption="Protocol:" position="16, 58, 30, 8"/>


<dialog id="137" caption="Add a User" fontface="MS Shell Dlg" style="-2134376248" position="0, 0, 201, 164">

<control id="172" class="LISTBOX" style="1352728833" position="15, 21, 171, 107"/>

<control id="1" class="BUTTON" caption="OK" style="1342242817" position="90, 143, 50, 14"/>

<control id="2" class="BUTTON" caption="Cancel" style="1342242816" position="144, 143, 50, 14"/>

<control class="BUTTON" caption="Users" style="1342177287" position="7, 7, 187, 129"/>


<dialog id="138" caption="Add a Service" fontface="MS Shell Dlg" style="-2134376248" position="0, 0, 228, 198">

<control id="1070" class="EDIT" style="1350631552" position="41, 19, 172, 14"/>

<control id="174" class="LISTBOX" style="1352728835" position="14, 51, 199, 94"/>

<control id="1062" class="BUTTON" caption="Add..." style="1342242816" position="59, 149, 50, 14"/>

<control id="1072" class="BUTTON" caption="Edit..." style="1342242816" position="112, 149, 50, 14"/>

<control id="1073" class="BUTTON" caption="Delete" style="1342242816" position="164, 149, 50, 14"/>

<control id="1" class="BUTTON" caption="OK" style="1342242817" position="117, 177, 50, 14"/>

<control id="2" class="BUTTON" caption="Cancel" style="1342242816" position="171, 177, 50, 14"/>

<control class="BUTTON" caption="Services" style="1342177287" position="7, 7, 214, 164"/>

<control id="1069" caption="Name:" position="15, 20, 22, 8"/>

<control id="1071" caption="Ports associated with the service:" position="15, 39, 109, 8"/>


<dialog id="141" caption="Change Password" fontface="MS Shell Dlg" style="-2134376248" position="0, 0, 227, 108">

<control id="155" class="EDIT" style="1350631584" position="82, 24, 133, 14"/>

<control id="161" class="EDIT" style="1350631584" position="82, 46, 133, 14"/>

<control id="1" class="BUTTON" caption="OK" style="1342242817" position="116, 87, 50, 14"/>

<control id="2" class="BUTTON" caption="Cancel" style="1342242816" position="170, 87, 50, 14"/>

<control caption="New password:" position="14, 27, 68, 8"/>

<control caption="Confirm password:" position="14, 48, 68, 8"/>

<control class="BUTTON" caption="Set Password" style="1342177287" position="7, 7, 213, 70"/>


<dialog id="151" caption="User Accounts" fontface="MS Shell Dlg" style="-2134376248" position="0, 0, 252, 167">

<control id="146" class="EDIT" style="1350631552" position="82, 18, 159, 14"/>

<control id="156" class="EDIT" style="1350631552" position="82, 38, 159, 14"/>

<control id="182" class="BUTTON" caption="Administrator" style="1342308361" position="82, 60, 59, 10"/>

<control id="183" class="BUTTON" caption="User" style="1342177289" position="169, 60, 67, 10"/>

<control id="181" class="BUTTON" caption="Enabled" style="1342242819" position="82, 81, 41, 10"/>

<control id="202" class="BUTTON" caption="Change Password..." style="1342242816" position="82, 102, 84, 14"/>

<control id="1065" class="EDIT" style="1350631584" position="82, 100, 159, 14"/>

<control id="161" class="EDIT" style="1350631584" position="82, 119, 159, 14"/>

<control id="200" class="BUTTON" caption="Ok" style="1342242817" position="131, 146, 50, 14"/>

<control id="2" class="BUTTON" caption="Cancel" style="1342242816" position="195, 146, 50, 14"/>

<control class="BUTTON" caption="User Account" style="1342177287" position="7, 7, 238, 133"/>

<control id="152" caption="User name:" position="14, 22, 68, 8"/>

<control id="154" caption="Full name:" position="14, 41, 68, 8"/>

<control id="162" caption="Account status:" position="14, 81, 68, 8"/>

<control id="164" caption="Account type:" position="14, 60, 68, 8"/>

<control id="1064" caption="Password:" position="14, 103, 68, 8"/>

<control id="159" caption="Confirm password:" position="14, 122, 68, 8"/>


<dialog id="152" caption="Change Port" fontface="MS Shell Dlg" style="-2134376248" position="0, 0, 212, 116">

<control id="1080" class="EDIT" style="1350631552" position="79, 33, 113, 14"/>

<control id="1" class="BUTTON" caption="OK" style="1342242817" position="96, 95, 50, 14"/>

<control id="2" class="BUTTON" caption="Cancel" style="1342242816" position="155, 95, 50, 14"/>

<control class="BUTTON" caption="Server listen port" style="1342177287" position="7, 7, 198, 78"/>

<control caption="Port number:" position="19, 35, 43, 8"/>


<dialog id="153" caption="Setup Domain" fontface="MS Shell Dlg" style="-2134376248" position="0, 0, 256, 134">

<control id="1075" class="EDIT" style="1350631552" position="98, 27, 143, 14"/>

<control id="1084" class="EDIT" style="1350631584" position="98, 46, 143, 14"/>

<control id="1085" class="EDIT" style="1350631584" position="98, 65, 143, 14"/>

<control id="1" class="BUTTON" caption="OK" style="1342242817" position="141, 113, 50, 14"/>

<control id="2" class="BUTTON" caption="Cancel" style="1342242816" position="197, 113, 50, 14"/>

<control caption="Type the NeoRouter domain name and password for the server." position="7, 7, 240, 14"/>

<control id="1074" caption="Domain name:" position="17, 30, 71, 8"/>

<control caption="Domain password:" position="17, 49, 71, 8"/>

<control caption="Confirm password:" position="17, 67, 71, 8"/>

<control id="1121" caption="Forgot password?" position="98, 84, 143, 8"/>

<control id="1122" caption="Create a new domain..." position="7, 119, 119, 8"/>


<dialog id="155" caption="Rename Domain" fontface="MS Shell Dlg" style="-2134376248" position="0, 0, 203, 115">

<control id="1088" class="EDIT" style="1350633600" position="23, 21, 153, 14"/>

<control id="1089" class="EDIT" style="1350631552" position="23, 61, 153, 14"/>

<control id="1" class="BUTTON" caption="OK" style="1342242817" position="89, 94, 50, 14"/>

<control id="2" class="BUTTON" caption="Cancel" style="1342242816" position="146, 94, 50, 14"/>

<control caption="Old domain name:" position="23, 7, 153, 11"/>

<control caption="New domain name:" position="23, 49, 153, 8"/>


<dialog id="156" caption="Change Domain Password" fontface="MS Shell Dlg" style="-2134376248" position="0, 0, 227, 108">

<control id="1" class="BUTTON" caption="OK" style="1342242817" position="116, 87, 50, 14"/>

<control id="2" class="BUTTON" caption="Cancel" style="1342242816" position="170, 87, 50, 14"/>

<control id="155" class="EDIT" style="1350631584" position="82, 24, 133, 14"/>

<control id="161" class="EDIT" style="1350631584" position="82, 46, 133, 14"/>

<control caption="New password:" position="14, 27, 68, 8"/>

<control caption="Confirm password:" position="14, 48, 68, 8"/>

<control class="BUTTON" caption="Set Domain Password" style="1342177287" position="7, 7, 213, 70"/>


<dialog id="158" caption="Connections" fontface="MS Shell Dlg" style="1086849096" position="0, 0, 262, 222">

<control id="198" class="BUTTON" caption="Create a direct peer-to-peer UDP connection" style="1342308361" position="14, 28, 238, 10"/>

<control id="197" class="BUTTON" caption="Create a direct peer-to-peer TCP connection" style="1342177289" position="14, 51, 238, 10"/>

<control id="199" class="BUTTON" caption="Relay through server" style="1342177289" position="14, 83, 238, 10"/>

<control id="1062" class="BUTTON" caption="Apply" style="1342242816" position="202, 116, 50, 14"/>

<control id="210" caption="Connections" position="0, 0, 262, 15"/>

<control id="205" style="1342177298" styleex="32" position="0, 182, 262, 40"/>

<control id="206" caption="Title" position="4, 186, 306, 10"/>

<control id="207" caption="Body" position="4, 198, 306, 19"/>

<control id="1094" caption="This option is recommended for most home users. " position="30, 39, 222, 11"/>

<control id="1095" caption="If your router or firewall block UDP packets or your network is not stable, choose this option. " position="30, 61, 222, 18"/>

<control id="1096" caption="Force clients to use server to relay data. This option is useful when your network is not stable or your router uses special MTU value." position="30, 93, 222, 21"/>

<control id="216" caption="Client-to-Client Connection" position="4, 17, 103, 12"/>

<control id="211" style="1342177296" position="110, 22, 146, 1"/>

<control caption="Internet Connection" style="1073872896" position="4, 137, 68, 8"/>

<control id="212" style="1073741840" position="73, 142, 181, 1"/>

<control caption="Configure how NeoRouter connects to the Internet" style="1073872896" position="30, 153, 171, 8"/>

<control id="1116" class="BUTTON" caption="Settings..." style="1073807360" position="202, 151, 50, 14"/>


<dialog id="159" caption="Internet Connection Settings" fontface="MS Shell Dlg" style="-2134376248" position="0, 0, 244, 172">

<control id="1097" class="BUTTON" caption="No Proxy" style="1342373897" position="13, 20, 217, 10"/>

<control id="1098" class="BUTTON" caption="Manual proxy configuration:" style="1342242825" position="13, 33, 217, 10"/>

<control id="1113" class="COMBOBOX" style="1344340227" position="77, 47, 153, 30"/>

<control id="1114" class="EDIT" style="1350631552" position="77, 66, 101, 14"/>

<control id="1101" class="EDIT" style="1350639744" position="204, 66, 26, 14"/>

<control id="1103" class="BUTTON" caption="Authentication" style="1342242819" position="23, 89, 70, 10"/>

<control id="146" class="EDIT" style="1350631552" position="77, 103, 153, 14"/>

<control id="155" class="EDIT" style="1350631584" position="77, 121, 153, 14"/>

<control id="1" class="BUTTON" caption="OK" style="1342242817" position="133, 151, 50, 14"/>

<control id="2" class="BUTTON" caption="Cancel" style="1342242816" position="187, 151, 50, 14"/>

<control class="BUTTON" caption="Configure Proxies to Access the Internet" style="1342177287" position="7, 7, 230, 139"/>

<control caption="Server Name:" position="23, 68, 47, 8"/>

<control caption="Port:" position="183, 69, 17, 8"/>

<control caption="Protocol:" position="23, 49, 47, 8"/>

<control caption="Password:" position="36, 124, 34, 8"/>

<control caption="User Name:" position="32, 106, 38, 8"/>


<dialog id="160" caption="Edit Computer" fontface="MS Shell Dlg" style="-2134376248" position="0, 0, 189, 118">

<control id="1" class="BUTTON" caption="OK" style="1342242817" position="79, 97, 50, 14"/>

<control id="2" class="BUTTON" caption="Cancel" style="1342242816" position="132, 97, 50, 14"/>

<control caption="Computer Name:" position="7, 7, 175, 8"/>

<control id="1118" class="EDIT" style="1350633600" position="7, 18, 175, 14"/>

<control caption="Alias:" position="7, 47, 175, 8"/>

<control id="1119" class="EDIT" style="1350631552" position="7, 58, 175, 14"/>


<dialog id="161" caption="DHCP Settings" fontface="MS Shell Dlg" style="-2134376248" position="0, 0, 203, 98">

<control id="1126" class="SysIPAddress32" style="1342242816" position="71, 22, 100, 15"/>

<control id="1119" class="SysIPAddress32" style="1342242816" position="71, 48, 100, 15"/>

<control id="1" class="BUTTON" caption="OK" style="1342242817" position="91, 77, 50, 14"/>

<control id="2" class="BUTTON" caption="Cancel" style="1342242816" position="146, 77, 50, 14"/>

<control caption="Subnet:" position="31, 26, 26, 8"/>

<control caption="Netmask:" position="31, 52, 31, 8"/>

<control class="BUTTON" caption="Settings" style="1342177287" position="7, 7, 189, 66"/>


<dialog id="162" caption="Product Activation" fontface="MS Shell Dlg" style="-2134376248" position="0, 0, 259, 123">

<control id="1" class="BUTTON" caption="OK" style="1342242817" position="144, 102, 50, 14"/>

<control id="2" class="BUTTON" caption="Cancel" style="1342242816" position="202, 102, 50, 14"/>

<control id="1138" class="EDIT" style="1350631552" position="35, 55, 187, 14"/>

<control caption="To activate the product please enter your product key. You will have received this with invoice when you purchased the software." position="17, 23, 235, 24"/>

<control class="BUTTON" caption="Product Key" style="1342177287" position="7, 7, 245, 87"/>


<dialog id="9114" caption="&Menus" fontface="MS Shell Dlg" style="1086324808" position="0, 0, 230, 150">

<control id="100" caption="Application Menus" position="4, 5, 222, 8"/>

<control id="101" caption="Context Menus" position="4, 80, 222, 8"/>

<control caption="&Show Menu:" position="10, 20, 44, 11"/>

<control id="102" class="COMBOBOX" style="1344339971" position="54, 18, 159, 79"/>

<control id="103" class="BUTTON" caption="Reset" style="1342242816" position="10, 57, 70, 14"/>

<control id="106" caption="Default menu\nDefault application menu" position="37, 34, 181, 18"/>

<control id="107" resource="0" style="1342177283" position="10, 32, 21, 20"/>

<control caption="Select &context menu:" position="10, 92, 68, 10"/>

<control id="104" class="COMBOBOX" style="1344339971" position="83, 90, 130, 79"/>

<control id="105" class="BUTTON" caption="Reset" style="1342242816" position="10, 108, 70, 14"/>


<dialog id="9115" caption="Button Editor" fontface="MS Shell Dlg" style="-1865940792" position="0, 0, 253, 185">

<control caption="Picture" position="7, 7, 86, 8"/>

<control class="BUTTON" caption="Colors" style="1342177287" position="102, 106, 80, 71"/>

<control class="BUTTON" caption="Move" style="1342177287" position="101, 72, 81, 31"/>

<control class="BUTTON" caption="Preview" style="1342177287" position="7, 106, 86, 71"/>

<control class="BUTTON" caption="Tools" style="1342177287" position="101, 9, 81, 60"/>

<control id="1" class="BUTTON" caption="OK" style="1342242817" position="193, 7, 50, 14"/>

<control id="2" class="BUTTON" caption="Cancel" style="1342242816" position="193, 25, 50, 14"/>

<control id="100" style="1342177543" position="7, 17, 86, 80"/>

<control id="101" style="1342308865" styleex="131072" position="14, 117, 73, 54"/>

<control caption="Transparent" position="135, 156, 42, 8"/>

<control id="105" style="1342308608" position="116, 153, 15, 15"/>

<control id="103" caption="Tools" style="1082262017" position="112, 21, 60, 43"/>

<control id="104" caption="Move" style="1082262017" position="111, 83, 62, 12"/>

<control id="106" style="1342308620" position="109, 144, 15, 15"/>

<control id="102" caption="Colors" style="1082262017" position="107, 121, 68, 12"/>


<dialog id="9116" caption="&Keyboard" fontface="MS Shell Dlg" style="1086324808" position="0, 0, 230, 150">

<control caption="Cate&gory:" position="4, 5, 89, 8"/>

<control id="100" class="COMBOBOX" style="1344339971" position="4, 15, 91, 147"/>

<control id="101" caption="Co&mmands:" position="4, 28, 89, 8"/>

<control id="102" class="LISTBOX" style="1352728897" position="4, 38, 91, 77"/>

<control id="103" caption="K&ey assignments:" position="100, 28, 73, 8"/>

<control id="104" class="LISTBOX" style="1352728897" position="100, 38, 75, 51"/>

<control id="105" caption="Press &new shortcut key:" position="100, 93, 100, 8"/>

<control id="106" class="EDIT" style="1350631552" position="100, 103, 75, 12"/>

<control id="107" class="BUTTON" caption="&Assign" style="1342242816" position="179, 39, 49, 14"/>

<control id="108" class="BUTTON" caption="&Remove" style="1342242816" position="179, 56, 49, 14"/>

<control id="109" class="BUTTON" caption="Re&set All" style="1342242816" position="179, 73, 49, 14"/>

<control id="110" caption="Description:" position="4, 117, 89, 8"/>

<control id="111" styleex="131072" position="4, 127, 171, 19"/>


<dialog id="9117" caption="Tool&bars" fontface="MS Shell Dlg" style="1086324808" position="0, 0, 230, 150">

<control caption="Toolb&ars:" position="4, 5, 148, 8"/>

<control id="100" class="LISTBOX" style="1352728913" position="4, 15, 150, 131"/>

<control id="101" class="BUTTON" caption="&New..." style="1342242816" position="158, 15, 70, 14"/>

<control id="102" class="BUTTON" caption="&Rename..." style="1342242816" position="158, 33, 70, 14"/>

<control id="103" class="BUTTON" caption="&Delete" style="1342242816" position="158, 51, 70, 14"/>

<control id="104" class="BUTTON" caption="R&eset..." style="1342242816" position="158, 69, 70, 14"/>


<dialog id="9118" caption="&Options" fontface="MS Shell Dlg" style="1086324808" position="0, 0, 230, 150">

<control id="108" caption="Personalized Menus and Toolbars" position="4, 5, 222, 8"/>

<control id="100" class="BUTTON" caption="Always show full me&nus" style="1342242819" position="10, 17, 216, 10"/>

<control id="101" class="BUTTON" caption="Show full menus after a short &delay" style="1342242819" position="22, 29, 204, 10"/>

<control id="102" class="BUTTON" caption="&Reset menu and toolbar usage data" style="1342242816" position="10, 42, 125, 14"/>

<control id="107" caption="Other" position="4, 70, 222, 8"/>

<control id="103" class="BUTTON" caption="&Large icons" style="1342242819" position="10, 82, 216, 10"/>

<control id="104" class="BUTTON" caption="Show Screen&Tips on toolbars" style="1342242819" position="10, 93, 216, 10"/>

<control id="105" class="BUTTON" caption="Show s&hortcut keys in ScreenTips" style="1342242819" position="22, 104, 204, 10"/>

<control caption="&Menu animations:" position="10, 117, 56, 8"/>

<control id="106" class="COMBOBOX" style="1344339971" position="70, 115, 79, 65"/>


<dialog id="9119" caption="&Commands" fontface="MS Shell Dlg" style="1086324808" position="0, 0, 230, 150">

<control caption="To add a command to a toolbar: select a category and drag the command out of this dialog box to a toolbar." position="4, 5, 220, 19"/>

<control caption="Cate&gories:" position="4, 25, 80, 8"/>

<control id="100" class="LISTBOX" style="1352728833" position="4, 35, 81, 111"/>

<control caption="Comman&ds:" position="90, 25, 134, 8"/>

<control id="101" class="LISTBOX" style="1352728849" position="90, 35, 135, 111"/>


<dialog id="9120" caption="New Toolbar" fontface="MS Shell Dlg" style="-2134376248" position="0, 0, 186, 52">

<control caption="&Toolbar name:" position="4, 4, 178, 8"/>

<control id="100" class="EDIT" style="1350631552" position="4, 15, 178, 12"/>

<control id="1" class="BUTTON" caption="OK" style="1342242817" position="78, 34, 50, 14"/>

<control id="2" class="BUTTON" caption="Cancel" style="1342242816" position="132, 34, 50, 14"/>


<dialog id="9312" caption="Tip of the Day" fontface="MS Shell Dlg" style="-2134376248" position="0, 0, 279, 157">

<control id="1" class="BUTTON" caption="&Close" style="1342242817" position="221, 136, 50, 14"/>

<control id="100" class="BUTTON" caption="&Show tips at startup" style="1342242819" position="7, 140, 120, 10"/>

<control id="101" class="BUTTON" caption="&Next Tip" style="1342242816" position="162, 136, 50, 14"/>

<control id="102" style="1073741832" position="8, 7, 263, 123"/>


<dialog id="9313" caption="Custom" fontface="MS Shell Dlg" style="1321205832" position="0, 0, 147, 161">

<control id="100" caption="&Colors:" position="2, 4, 43, 10"/>

<control id="101" style="1342242823" position="3, 15, 119, 86"/>

<control id="102" style="1342242823" position="126, 15, 20, 86"/>

<control id="104" caption="&Hue:" position="7, 108, 18, 8"/>

<control id="115" class="EDIT" style="1350639744" position="25, 106, 33, 13"/>

<control id="112" class="msctls_updown32" caption="Spin1" style="1342177318" position="49, 105, 10, 14"/>

<control id="105" caption="&Sat:" position="7, 125, 18, 8"/>

<control id="114" class="EDIT" style="1350639744" position="25, 122, 33, 13"/>

<control id="116" class="msctls_updown32" caption="Spin2" style="1342177318" position="49, 122, 10, 14"/>

<control id="106" caption="&Lum:" position="7, 140, 18, 8"/>

<control id="113" class="EDIT" style="1350639744" position="25, 138, 33, 13"/>

<control id="117" class="msctls_updown32" caption="Spin3" style="1342177318" position="49, 137, 10, 14"/>

<control id="107" caption="&Red:" position="65, 108, 23, 8"/>

<control id="110" class="EDIT" style="1350639744" position="89, 106, 33, 13"/>

<control id="119" class="msctls_updown32" caption="Spin1" style="1342177318" position="113, 105, 11, 14"/>

<control id="108" caption="&Green:" position="65, 125, 23, 8"/>

<control id="111" class="EDIT" style="1350639744" position="89, 122, 33, 13"/>

<control id="120" class="msctls_updown32" caption="Spin2" style="1342177318" position="113, 122, 11, 14"/>

<control id="109" caption="&Blue:" position="65, 140, 23, 8"/>

<control id="118" class="EDIT" style="1350639744" position="89, 138, 33, 13"/>

<control id="121" class="msctls_updown32" caption="Spin3" style="1342177318" position="113, 137, 11, 14"/>


<dialog id="9314" caption="Standard" fontface="MS Shell Dlg" style="1321205832" position="0, 0, 147, 161">

<control id="100" caption="&Colors:" position="2, 4, 43, 10"/>

<control id="103" style="1342242823" position="0, 15, 147, 145"/>


<dialog id="9315" caption="Arrange Windows" fontface="MS Shell Dlg" style="-1865678776" position="0, 0, 301, 164">

<control caption="Select &Window:" position="7, 7, 147, 8"/>

<control id="100" class="LISTBOX" style="1353779539" position="7, 17, 216, 140"/>

<control id="101" class="BUTTON" caption="&Activate" style="1342242816" position="233, 7, 62, 14"/>

<control id="1" class="BUTTON" caption="&OK" style="1342242816" position="233, 24, 62, 14"/>

<control id="105" class="BUTTON" caption="&Save" style="1342242816" position="233, 41, 62, 14"/>

<control id="104" class="BUTTON" caption="&Close Window" style="1342242816" position="233, 58, 62, 14"/>

<control id="102" class="BUTTON" caption="Casca&de" style="1342242816" position="233, 75, 62, 14"/>

<control id="106" class="BUTTON" caption="Tile &Horizontally" style="1342242816" position="233, 92, 62, 14"/>

<control id="107" class="BUTTON" caption="Tile &Vertically" style="1342242816" position="233, 109, 62, 14"/>

<control id="103" class="BUTTON" caption="Minimi&ze" style="1342242816" position="233, 126, 62, 14"/>


<dialog id="9976" fontface="MS Shell Dlg" style="1073741892" position="0, 0, 392, 16">

<control id="58116" class="BUTTON" caption="&Print..." style="1342275584" position="2, 2, 44, 12"/>

<control id="58114" class="BUTTON" caption="&Next Page" style="1342275584" position="48, 2, 44, 12"/>

<control id="58115" class="BUTTON" caption="Pre&v Page" style="1342275584" position="94, 2, 44, 12"/>

<control id="58113" class="BUTTON" style="1342275584" position="140, 2, 44, 12"/>

<control id="58117" class="BUTTON" caption="Zoom &In" style="1342275584" position="186, 2, 44, 12"/>

<control id="58118" class="BUTTON" caption="Zoom &Out" style="1342275584" position="232, 2, 44, 12"/>

<control id="58112" class="BUTTON" caption="&Close" style="1342275584" position="278, 2, 44, 12"/>


<dialog id="30721" caption="New" fontface="MS Shell Dlg" style="-2134376252" position="9, 26, 183, 70">

<control caption="&New " style="1342177280" position="6, 5, 123, 8"/>

<control id="100" class="LISTBOX" style="1352728577" position="6, 15, 125, 49"/>

<control id="1" class="BUTTON" caption="OK" style="1342242817" position="137, 6, 40, 14"/>

<control id="2" class="BUTTON" caption="Cancel" style="1342242816" position="137, 23, 40, 14"/>

<control id="57670" class="BUTTON" caption="&Help" style="1342242816" position="137, 43, 40, 14"/>


<dialog id="30734" fontface="MS Shell Dlg" style="-2134376248" position="9, 26, 183, 70"/>