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   c. Restart NeoRouter Client service.
   c. Restart the NeoRouter Client service.

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1. What security protocols/encryption is used by Neorouter?

NeoRouter uses the SSLv3 (AES-256) to provide a secure communication channel between NeoRouter Server and each Client while using a variation algorithm (RSA 2048bit + DH + AES-256) between clients (peer-to-peer).

2. I am trying to remote control my second PC. It looks like it is connected but it wants from me to log on the windows and when i try to log on with the my administrator users accounts used in the same PC it's says "Unable to log you on , because of account restriction".

This is most likely because the account you are using to connect with has a null (blank) password. You cannot establish Remote Desktop connections when you are using an account with a null password.

To work around this behavior so you can establish Remote Desktop connections, log on at the console of the computer, and then set a password for that user account so that it no longer has a null password.

Please see the document from Microsoft:

Error Message: Unable to Log You on Because of an Account Restriction

3. I am trying to remote control my second PC. It seems to be connected but the screen is black and I am not able to see anything.

Most users, who use home router, may hardly come cross this issue. But if it happens to you, please try the following solutions to work around.

1) It may be caused by "Bitmap Caching" in the Windows Remote Desktop. So you can simply check off the "Bitmap Caching" option in the Windows Remote Desktop configuration dialog box or replace the setting "bitmapcachepersistenable:i:1" with "bitmapcachepersistenable:i:0" by editing the file \My Documents\Default.rdp (it is a hidden file).

Please see the document from Microsoft:

A black screen may appear while logon by using remote desktop.
Configure bitmap caching

2) In some environments, too many network packets, especially UDP packets, may be lost, dropped or out-of-order and this make RDP session cannot create properly. In this case, you may want to force NeoRouter use either relay mode or TCP P2P connection instead of UDP P2P connection by default.

 a. Create a file "Feature.ini" in the application folder.
    For example: "C:\Program Files\ZebraNetworkSystems\NeoRouter\Feature.ini"
 b. Put the following parameters to it:
 c. Restart the NeoRouter Client service.