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=== Computers ===
=== Computers ===

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NeoRouter Configuration Explorer

Sign In

Only administrators can sign into the Configuration Explorer.

The sign in information to use here is the same as that for the Network Explorer.



After a successful sign in, the following general information page will be displayed.

User Accounts

In the User Accounts page, you will be able to view and edit user accounts.



In the Computers page, you will be able to view and edit computer information and firewall access control list.

  • Firewall ACL

With the access control list, you can allow or block a user from accessing a certain network port and the corresponding application on a computer. For example, you have two users in your domain: your wife Cathy and your gamer friend Zack. You want to make sure your wife can view your photo gallery through file sharing, and you want to limit Zack’s access to the games. To achieve this, you need to edit the access control list (see right picture above), add Zack to the User List, turn on the firewall for Zack, and set only the games in the exception list.

By default the firewall access control is off. If a user is not listed in the access control, he/she will have the privileges listed for Default User.

  • Alias

In version 0.9.6, we introduced a new feature called computer alias.

When a computer is added to the virtual network, NeoRouter reads the computer name from the OS. But sometimes you may need a better way to identify the computer. For example, Frank has two computers, one at work and the other at home, with very similar names "Zebra??". When he connects these computers to the NeoRouter virtual network, he wants to change the display names to "FrankWork" and "FrankHome" respectively to better distinguish them.

Here is how you can create an alias for your computer. Click on "Edit Computer" button, enter the desired alias, then click Ok to save. The new names are reflected immediately in the NeoRouter Network Explorer. Now Frank is happy and will not connect to the wrong computer any more. :)



You can customize the logo on in the sign in page in the Network Explorer.

You can also customize the banner on the bottom of the computer list page in the Network Explorer.

Command Line Interface

From v0.9.9, one can also use CLI to set most settings defined in the Configuration Explorer.

  • On the same computer of the server, one can use nrserver to change the server settings. Check out here for more information.
  • One can also use nrclientcmd to change the client service settings, such as proxy and client connection type. Check out here for more information.