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Setup NeoRouter Client

Install NeoRouter Client for Windows

1. Visit and download NeoRouter Free for Windows.

2. Run the installation wizard you have just downloaded, choose NeoRouter Network Explorer, and click Next.

3. (Vista Only) you may be prompted with a security warning. NeoRouter setup is installing a virtual LAN network driver which is not yet certified by Microsoft. NeoRouter is guaranteed to be free of spyware, adware or virus. This driver component is essential to NeoRouter and please allow the setup to continue.

For more information on Windows Logo program, please visit:

Rant: Microsoft is notorious for charging a large fee for its Windows Logo program. This prohibits start-up companies like us from becoming certified.

4. If your computer is behind an ISA firewall, please read NeoRouterWiki:ClientSetupISAFirewall. Most users can skip this step.

5. Finish

Install NeoRouter Client for Linux

1. Visit and download NeoRouter Client for your Linux distribution.

2. Unintall previous version, if needed:

  • Ubuntu & Debian: sudo dpkg -r nrclient
  • Fedora, RedHat & SUSE: sudo rpm -e nrclient

3. Install

  • Ubuntu & Debian: sudo dpkg -i nrclient-<version>-<release>.i386.deb
  • Fedora, RedHat & SUSE: sudo rpm -i nrclient-<version>-<release>.i386.rpm

4. Configure firewall

  • Fedora, RedHat & SUSE: You may need to disable firewall to allow NeoRouter client service (nrservice) to establish P2P connection. Otherwise nrservice will establish routed connection via server.

5. Launch

nrclient contains two executables: nrservice and nrclientcmd. nrservice will automatically start after installation and every time Linux starts. Run nrclientcmd to log in your virtual LAN.