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How Do I?

How do I manage all my computers?


Alice has three computers at her home and she wants to use NeoRouter to manage them.

One of her computers is used as a home server at her house. It is always on and have stable internet connection. Alice installs the NeoRouter Server on this computer (NeoRouterWiki:ServerSetup).

Tip: If you have a web server, a Windows Media Center, a Windows Home Server, a Linux MythTV or a Small Business Server, you can simply install NeoRouter server on it. Otherwise, you can choose any PC that is always on and has stable internet connection. The NeoRouter Server does not require much memory or disk space to run.

On the other two computers, Alice installs the NeoRouter Client (NeoRouterWiki:ClientSetup).

Then Alice launches the NeoRouter Network Explorer (NeoRouterWiki:NetworkExplorer) from any of her computers, sign in using the administrator account she had setup during server installation (NeoRouterWiki:NetworkExplorer#Sign_In), then add all her computers to the computer list (NeoRouterWiki:NetworkExplorer#Manage_computer_list).

Now Alice can use NeoRouter to manage and access all her computers at home.


Alice has a computer in her office and sometimes she needs to work from home. With administrator's permission, she installs the NeoRouter client on her office computer and add it to her virtual network. Now she can remotely access her office computer with one click of button and truly work from home.

How do I invite my family and friend to my network?


Joe likes to play video games with his buddy Tony over the network. He launches the NeoRouter Configuration Explorer and created an account for Tony (NeoRouterWiki:ConfigurationExplorer#User_Accounts). Tony installs the NeoRouter client on his computer and log into the Network Explorer using the account Joe created for him. Now Tony's computer is connected to Joe's domain and they can start playing games.

Joe also loves travel and photography. After a recent trip, he wants to share the photos with his parents. He creates an account for his parents and puts the photos in a shared folder on his computer so that the parents can browse remotely.

But Joe does not want to share the photos with his gamer friend Tony. Joe can use the NeoRouter Configuration Explorer to limit the computers and programs that Tony can access. In the access control dialog (NeoRouterWiki:ConfigurationExplorer#Computers), Joe turned on the firewall for Tony and allows him to access games only. This change will not affect how Joe's parents access the network.

How do I work remotely?


William is a small business owner. He uses NeoRouter to connect all his computers in his office as well as the laptop that he travels with.

During the day, William gives a presentation at a customer's office and he needs to access sales reports on his office file server. William logs into the NeoRouter Network Explorer and his office computers appear in the computer list. He opens the shared folder on the file server, locates the reports and continues his presentation. The steps William uses to access his files are always the same regardless whether he is inside or outside his office; NeoRouter handles the network location differences.

At night, William goes back to hotel and the hotel offers computers with Internet access. William wants to remotely access his office computers, but he does not have the administrator privilege required to install software. He downloads the portable edition of the NeoRouter Network Explorer and launches it without installation. After log in, he sees the same computer list as usual and he can remotely connects to his office computers. When he finishes, he exits the NeoRouter Network Explorer Portable and no personal information will be left on the hotel computer.